How to re-decorate a small living space with new furniture.

Planning modern small living room furniture becomes exciting with a sprinkle of experimentation. The more compact a space, the more fun & challenging the decor! Etch out your dreams and decorate your small living room space with confidence. These tips are sure to help.

Small Room Furniture and the Modern Art of Compactness

The contemporary art of compactness is increasingly gaining importance in this new age. With the enhancement of technology and productivity-based life, LESS is indeed MORE. Comprehensiveness of lifestyle somewhere falls back, and the modern trend towards compactness rules over.

Good News! Having a smaller home or apartment, open facets to greater decor experimentation. There are certain tips to remember while decorating a compact space to make it look bigger and elegant. Living room sets for small spaces are trending. With a little research and some easy hacks one can level up to the pro-level of self-designed home decor with modern furniture in a more comfortable and stylish way. Experience the changes before and after small living room furniture arrangement.

Small Living Room Furniture Ideas

Decorating a small narrow living room needs a smart choice of furniture with appropriate wall colours and flooring and carpets. Here are some ideas to visually make a small living room look bigger with some intelligent furniture choices.

Strategy Towards Productivity at Home

A bit of strategy while choosing some modern all-rounder furniture coupled with home decor vision can help create a small living room office combo, best for work from home purposes. Get flexible versatile furnishings that easily accommodate. The best example is switching multiple furnishings for single multi-purpose ones. (eg: Sofa Bed over a Sofa and a spare bed)
Think to style it by sliding a slim, tall pedestal into the corner to pop up a large floral design to catch the eye accentuating height instead of cluttering the floor with a floor table. The vertical light alignment helps by apparently increasing the height of a room.

Table Tops Arrangements in Small Spaces

Tables are the crux of a decor but think twice before getting a big coffee table for a small living room furniture vastly covering the majority of the floor space.
Tip : Layer two small round displaying coffee tables taking up less space and creating a sleek Scandinavian look to any living room. 

Customised Furniture for Smart Layouts

Want to have a dedicated seater? Go for the corner sofas that fit pretty accurately on the room's corners. They don’t occupy much space, rather the horizontal configuration makes a room apparently broader.

Craft the perfect match yourself.

The idea of investing in customised small living room furniture is possibly the best and smartest way out of it. Imagine having a curved sofa for a round corner! It can perfectly utilise the corner and give extra space for coffee tables in the middle. 

Grandness of Portability and Style

Modernity gives the highroad to mobility. Strength lies in numbers, never let furnishings stand out. Complement a living space with multiple compact portable furnitures that collectively takes less space, looks aesthetically brilliant and also effectively serves the purpose.
Comfort and Compactness comes hand in hand if crafted skilfully. Win over an oddly shaped small living room by getting the perfect fit furniture for it. Find a huge range of smartly designed furniture with styles like modern, contemporary, trendy, etc. Use of comparatively smaller sofas with vibrant colours and catchy patterns can fill a living area with classic personality. You can also add bold printed stools, storage ottomans, matching armchairs to ensure plenty of seating in a living room. 
Tip: Get the most out of the available space. Always opt for compact furnishings with storage options available to stuff in some extra things lying around and give the place a subtle touch of perfection.
Enhance a Small Living Room Feel Bigger

Including a spacious cupboard with a built-in mirror serves dually best as a living room design for small space. Enhance available floor space as much as possible preferably with white tiled floor small living room and mirror walls. You can apparently double up the size  of an apartment with remarkable ease to make it look bigger and brighter. Opt for the latest custom made furniture to get the best of both worlds!

Ideal Space-Saving Layout for Small Living Room Furniture Arrangements

The smartest way of furniture placement occurs when the interior aesthetic meets urban productivity. Multi-functional space saving furnishings minimise uneven & mismatched furniture arrangements, maximises utility and relieves the budget stringency! Win the precise layout game with successful interior decor repositioning tips:

Level up By Laying Out

Levelling up a small family house interior living room feels genuinely cozy and inviting. Transform an oddly small area by arranging the seats closer together. Choosing an elaborate geometric rug with a well-spread pattern is advised to get the best out of the flooring. 

Seat Positionings

Get at least one premium quality wooden swing chair with wheels. They are super fun and give out a great design. Opting for chairs can be a life saving idea where one can easily arrange seating with a glass centre table for the apartment without covering up the floor space. 
One can effortlessly make a place look larger using armchairs by having 4 club chairs. If you have a small living room with a corner fireplace, angle seaters towards the heat to encourage cozy hangs and conversation while also catching the eye to it. 
Simple Walls, Grand Impact

Simplicity is the key to perfection. A Small living room with light walls and light sofa (sleeper) proves best as a game changer. Ignore pushing all the furniture against the walls. Creating some space behind the furniture apparently makes the space wider. A small room with grey walls with contemporary interior designs adds the final touch of elegance in a compact abode. Try placing an antique ottoman that will vibe well with other furniture in the room.

Higher Ceiling Effects

One can visually play with proportions and scale with correct choices of Furniture to create a small double height living room. Get on with lower seaters or sofa beds for a living room decoration high ceiling creating a successful visual effect Adding a small oak or glass side table beside along with some additional pillows, shoots up the lounging comfort level. This works best for a really compact room with fireplace.

Smart Partition Emplacements

Feel productive, merge floorspace like a pro. Replace walls with suggestive partitions. Similar to the aforementioned unification of the bedroom, a Small living room kitchen open floor plan is the best way towards open concept ideas. You are only left with one hall with modern interior design, subtle room-dividers and multipurpose furnishings!